Keep a Strong Back for Your Backpacks

With the school year starting for everyone, it is extremely important to keep the health of your spine at the front of your mind! Many people are not aware of how easy it is to stress out a spine with the weight that goes into a backpack, but there has been extensive research done on the different ways a heavy backpack, especially an incorrectly worn backpack, can affect your spine. According to Dr. John Triano from Spine-Health, too much weight in a backpack can “Distort the natural curves in the middle and lower backs, causing muscle strain and irritation to the spine joints and the rib cage, lead to the rounding of shoulders, and cause a person to lean forward, reducing balance and making it easier to fall” (Triano, 2012). These things can happen to anyone, but especially children with such vulnerable spines! Another concerning element with going back to school is kids using only one backpack strap to hold their backpack. This can cause the muscles in your back strain to compensate for the uneven distribution of weight; the spine will lean to the opposite side, which puts more stress on the middle back, ribs, and lower back on one side compared to the other side (Triano, 2012). The effects that heavy backpacks have on people can be concerning, but there are sure-fire ways to wear and carry your backpack in a proper way! It is extremely important to wear a backpack with both straps secure on the shoulders, rather than slinging the weight on one shoulder. Another effective way is to have the straps tightened so the weight of the backpack is not distributed towards the low back, forcing your spine to work harder to carry that weight. Another reason why carrying a backpack the correct way is so imperative is in the instance of someone having scoliosis. Doctors have done research to see if backpacks cause scoliosis, which is not the case, but they have found that individuals already diagnosed with scoliosis can have their conditions aggravated if they wear their backpacks incorrectly, or stuff them too full (Siddiqui, 2013). Scoliosis can cause many problems in one’s life, so if they can avoid any further issues simply by adjusting the straps or carrying a lighter load, it will help them out so much more in the long run!

Keep Colds Away While the Cold Approaches:
Something else that is seen quite frequently during this time of the year is people struggling more with their allergies and coming down with colds and other illnesses. Getting adjusted is important all year round, but during this time of the year is especially crucial. According to Tina Beychok from Chiropractic Economics, “If the vertebrae are misaligned, they will impinge on the ability of the nerves branching out from the spinal column to properly communicate with the brain. If the brain is not receiving or sending correct signals regarding the body’s function, it can lead to an increased risk of injury or illness” (2018). This leads to a weaker immune system, thus, making your body more susceptible to the elements around you. Having the bones realigned in the spine enforces your immune system, which means less colds and less aggressive allergies! It all comes down to restoring the communication from the nerves leading to your sinuses to your spinal cord. This is also beneficial to consider during the back to school time of the year, with children and adults alike being exposed to more foreign and malicious bacteria. Keep this in mind if you or any family members are struggling. It is best to keep your appointments during these next couple months; your chiropractic office is the best place you can be when you are sick! We are more than happy to see the little ones going to daycare, to middle schoolers, to college students!

Keep a strong back for your backpacks

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